Cops: Inmate Had Condom Stuffed With 30 Items Crammed Up His Anus

A Florida inmate is facing new criminal charges after a strip search turned up a remarkable array of items hidden inside a condom sticking out of his rectum.

Neil Lansing, 34, was jailed Friday after being sentenced in Drug Court on a possession charge. It appears that Lansing stocked up on contraband in anticipation of serving his time, according to a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office report.

During a “routine search of inmates” Friday night, jailers “observed part of a condom sticking out of the defendant’s anus.” After the item was dislodged, deputies discovered it contained:

* 17 round blue pills marked “54/199”

* 1 cigarette

* 6 matches

* 1 flint

* 1 empty syringe with eraser over needle

* 1 lip balm container

* 1 condom

* 1 CVS receipt

* 1 paper coupon

Lansing, pictured in the above mug shot, was charged with illegally possessing drugs (the blue pills were Oxycodone) and tobacco inside a county jail.

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ANUS is the RING that holds back the content of your RECTUM man these writers got to get an anatomy lesson
Sounds like he had alot of room up in that cave....he propably could have crawled up into his own private butt cave and be reported missing from prison for least a couple of weeks....
I can just imagine how "crappy" tasting that cigarette would be after resting in his anal cavity. LOL!!!
Flint? former Boy Scout? Be Prepared!
Not making excuses for dumb crooks and druggies but... we have created an entire class of non-violent criminal as well as a need for constant prison construction and staffing. At least we can identify where some of our tax money goes lol! Thanks TSG...
Lip Balm ! That was for the party they were going to have at the county jail. Chapped lips from all the kisses. HA!
This guy was going to set up shop in the county jail. I am a retired correctional officer and the craziest thing we had was a guy with a shank up his butt. When under going a strip search you are asked to squat and cough. This prisoner when asked to do this, a plastic tube approx. 1 inch in diameter and 12 inches in length with styrofoam end caps fell to the floor. Inside the plastic tube was an 8 inch piece of rebar that had been ground on the tip to a pin point,great for stabbing. These are not choir boys, or rocket scientist we are talking about.
everything was making perfect sense until i got to the receipt and the coupon...
I'm thinking he KEEPS good records and didn't want to be accused of theft.
I'll bet the coupon was for more lip balm.