Despite Lousy Ticket Sales, Rihanna Still Earns $400,000 Per Concert

Though lackluster ticket sales reportedly forced Rihanna to cancel some dates on her summer tour, the singer was still able to command more than $400,000 per show, according to contract documents.

As seen in this excerpt from a recent performance agreement, Rihanna earned a guaranteed minimum of $410,000. And that figure could have increased if ticket sales propelled gross box office receipts beyond a stipulated amount. In that case, the 22-year-old singer (real name: Robin Fenty) would have been given a percentage of that gross amount.

Rihanna’s nightly haul on her “Last Girl On Earth” tour places her near the top of the summer’s concert earners (she banks more than $100,000 per show than Justin Bieber, and more than $250,000 per gig than Drake.

The singer’s contracts stipulate that she will perform a 75-minute set, so her hourly wage works out to $328,000. Click here for excerpts from Rihanna's 2010 backstage rider.

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THAT EXCERPT LOOKS FRAUDULENT, FAKE, SUSPECT.. I do not believe Rihanna is banking that kind of money, when she is not even in high demand right now. Tell that to a fool
I went to see Rihanna in LA on July 21, 2010 it was the best, WE had a great time all night the concert was full of energy and it was FUN. Cant wait to SEE HER NEXT YEAR!!!!:)