Pantsless Male Motorist In "Female Underwear" Arrested On Way To Lowe's Store

A pantsless male motorist wearing “female underwear” was traveling to “get something from the Lowe’s store” when he was pulled over and arrested for driving with a suspended license, Florida police report.

A sheriff’s deputy on patrol Friday night noticed that a 1991 Buick “did not have any back lights activated and the right head light was also not functioning,” according to an incident report.

After initiating a traffic stop, the cop discovered that driver Guy Wable, 48, “was not wearing any pants and was wearing female underwear.”

This, however, is not a crime.

Wable, pictured above, was instead busted because he was driving with a suspended license. Since this was the third time he was charged with that offense, Wable was hit with a felony count and booked into the Manatee County jail. After a night in custody, Wable was freed Saturday on $750 bond (which was posted by Big Johnson Bail Bonds). He is scheduled for arraignment on February 14.

According to Deputy Fraicor Terrero, Wable admitted knowing that his license was suspended, but explained that he drove anyway “because he had to get something” from Lowe’s. While the home improvement store sells work pants, the retailer does not stock men’s underwear.