Cops: Ohio Woman Assaulted Supermarket Worker With Pair Of "Special Cut Filets"

Meat Frances Slyman.

The 44-year-old was arrested for assault after allegedly striking an Ohio supermarket employee with a pair of “special cut filets,” police report.

While shopping with her family at the Giant Eagle store in Brunswick, a city 25 miles south of Cleveland, Slyman “went to the meat counter to retrieve some special cut filets,” according to a police report.

“At some point,” cops noted, “Slyman threw 2 of the filets” at Alzbeta Barath, a 64-year-old woman working the meat counter. The filets went flying “over an alleged comment Barath made earlier toward Slyman’s husband,” according to investigators.

The derogatory comment--which Barath denied making--purportedly involved the weight of Slyman’s spouse. A witness told cops that she did not hear Barath say anything to the Slymans to prompt the filet assault. 

The flung filets struck Barath in the eye and shoulder, though she declined medical treatment for the meat attack. But Barath did opt to press charges against Slyman, who was arrested for misdemeanor assault. She was booked into the local jail and later released.

It is unclear if the “special cut filets” were placed in the police evidence locker following the February 8 incident.