Cops Discover "Obamacare" Heroin Packets During Massachusetts Traffic Stop

Following a traffic stop this morning, Massachusetts police discovered that the vehicle contained about 1250 bags of heroin, many of which were branded “Obama Care.”

According to a Massachusetts State Police statement, “evidence of illegal narcotics” in the car--which was occupied by four adults--prompted a request for a drug detection dog. After the animal sniffed out the heroin, the quartet was arrested and charged with narcotics violations.

In additon to the “Obamacare” bindles (which are seen in the above evidence photo), investigators also found heroin packets stamped “Kurt Cobain.” The brand names were stamped in red ink on the outside of small glassine envelopes.

Previously, New York cops have recovered heroin packets branded “Obama” and “Bin Laden.” The president’s likeness has also appeared on Ecstasy pills. Last year, a Pennsylvania man was arrested for allegedly selling “LeBron James” heroin (the packages included a drawing of a man dunking a basketball).