Police Nab "Old School" Fan Doing His Naked Will Ferrell Imitation

In a misguided homage to the movie “Old School,” a Nebraska man channeled his inner Frank “The Tank” Ricard early Monday morning and ran naked through the streets of Lincoln until he was corralled by police.

“I’m re-enacting a scene from ‘Old School,’” Khalaf Mourad explained when confronted by a cop. When he spotted the officer, the 23-year-old Mourad “covered his genitals and began walking casually southbound,” according to a Lincoln Police Department report.

Mourad, pictured above, “was asked to take a seat in the rear of the cruiser, where he clothed himself,” police noted. At this point, Mourad’s brother approached the cop car and asked if his brother was inside. When told that he was, the sibling replied, “He’s an idiot. He was doing it from 'Old School.'”

After being cited for indecent exposure, Mourad remarked, “It’s stupid, I know.”

According to his Facebook page, Mourad lists “Old School” among his favorite films. The 2003 movie starred Will Ferrell as beer-guzzling Frank “The Tank” Ricard, who memorably goes streaking one night, only to be discovered jogging in the middle of the street by his wife and her friends.