Cops: St. Louis Man's Crime Spree Included Armed Taco Holdup

A Missouri man is locked up following an alleged crime spree that included him pointing a gun at multiple victims while stealing a taco from a Mexican restaurant in St. Louis, records show.

Antonio Murray, 19, was charged this week with robbing Lilly’s Panaderia at gunpoint earlier this month. Witnesses told cops that Murray pointed a gun at bakery employees before swiping a taco.

After being collared, Murray reportedly admitted that he “walked up to the taco stand with the gun out, asked for a taco, and left without paying,” according to a probable cause statement.

A female employee told cops that she had been preparing the taco for another customer when Murray approached her and grabbed the food item, declaring “it belonged to him” while pointing the gun at “multiple people.”

When arrested, Murray--charged with felony robbery--was carrying a BB gun in his waistband which “did resemble a real firearm.”

The taco holdup is just one entry on Murray’s pending criminal court docket. The teen faces a pair of misdemeanor property damage counts for allegedly smashing two separate store windows.   

Of more legal concern is a complaint charging Murray with breaking into a St. Louis home on September 5 and striking two victims, stealing a TV, and tasing a third victim. He allegedly returned to the residence on September 17 and attacked a man before whipping a female victim with a belt. Murray then “retrieved a broomstick and inserted it into [the woman’s] anus.”

After victims identified Murray via a police photo lineup, he was arrested for robbery, burglary, assault, and sodomy. “The defendant was interviewed and admitted to all the crimes,” investigators reported in an arrest warrant filed yesterday.

A judge has ordered Murray to be held without bond, ruling that the teen is a “danger to the crime victim, the community or another person.”