Unfortunately Named Masseuse Again Busted In Undercover Prostitution Sting

Two years after getting busted in a prostitution sting at a Florida massage parlor, Ho Suk Kim has again been arrested by cops for allegedly offering to perform sex acts in exchange for cash.

Nabbed Monday by Columbus, Georgia cops, the 46-year-old is facing a prostitution charge for allegedly telling an undercover officer that it would cost him $200 for sex (or $100 for oral sex).

The suspect was booked this time under the name Suk Kim Ho. She is pictured at right in an April 11 mug shot (and can be seen here in her 2009 booking photo).

The masseuse’s first case ended with her being placed in a pretrial diversion program, according to court records. It is unclear when she relocated 400 miles to the north, where she was working at Sun Spa.

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I'm all for legalizing prostitution.....tax it and apply that cash to the general economy..... In fact, I think we should all stand behind the hookers.....as often as possible.....
We already have more than enough of that in the halls of Congress and the Senate....and all of those sugar-daddy lobbyists with their fat little fists of pay-off dollars...
How many times did Al "The sex crazed poodle" Gore do the Ho?
You DO realize that the reason she was caught, arrested, and charged by an under cover officer id because she was going to make him pay that much money for her 'services'...(Hey Mama-San...They get it for 'Flee' remember??)
I always feel so much more secure knowing that my tax dollars are paying for such highly critical police work like prosecuting hookers. Seems that the cops can find a ho everytime but couldn't find a true ciminal if they fell over one. This country needs to pull it's head out and take a serious look at priorities. Prostitution is a professional service and should be licensed as such. Let them do their business and put the cops back to doing police work. Yea, as if they know how other than find the nearest Dunkin Donuts.
If the govt move to license prostitution as a legitimate profession, then the govt will have to hire and train prostitution inspectors-which would create more jobs. There would be a State by State prostitution test and retesting procedures, plus annual testing for a current year certification. You would also need roving prostitution enforcement personnel, equip with code book and citiation book for violations, and subsequently, a prostitution court, judge and attorneys to adjudicate such matters....Prostitution tax, prostitution listed on Wall Street under Blue Chips....etc etc etc...
and my genitals wouldn't look like the face of a teenager.
I'd still do her.
Well at least she has adjusted her prices for oral. With the economy in trouble, she's lowered her oral price to $100. from $150, what she charged from when she was last busted in Ga..........
How's about a 3-way w/ her sister, Mo ***?