Man, 23, Arrested After Flashing His Breast Implants At Fellow Walmart Shoppers

A Pennsylvania man was arrested yesterday after flashing his breast implants at fellow Walmart shoppers.

Jeremy Owens, 23, was busted following the bizarre incident at the retailer in Lackawanna County. Owens was apprehended after he left the store and boarded a municipal bus, from which he had to be forcibly removed by cops.

After being cuffed and placed in a cruiser, Owens banged his head against the vehicle’s window, apparently cutting himself in the process. Which then allowed Owens (seen at right) to allegedly spit blood at officers.

A Walmart manager told cops that a customer reported that he was “flashed” by a female customer. When the manager “located the female within the store,” she was yelling that she “was the best whore in town,” according to a probable cause affidavit. Subsequently, officers noted, “the female was identified and found out to actually be a male named Jeremy Christopher Owens.”

Owens, who calls himself “Jamie,” was jailed for aggravated assault, drug possession, resisting arrest, making terroristic threats, and indecent exposure.

Yesterday’s collar came two weeks after Owens was busted for lying to cops about the purported knifepoint abduction of a female friend. Owens was also nabbed in March following a disturbance at a doughnut shop (he was accused of spitting on two female customers).