Airborne Groping Of Flight Attendant Lands Man Behind Bars

A passenger who was flying from London to New York is facing a federal criminal charge after he allegedly placed his hand up the skirt of a flight attendant and “grabbed her genital area” and “began to run his fingers back and forth,” according to an FBI agent.

The incident, which occurred Thursday on a British Airways flight bound for John F. Kennedy International Airport, resulted in the arrest of Iurii Chumak, 53.

In a misdemeanor criminal complaint excerpted here, FBI Agent Thais Canin reported that the flight attendant has just provided coffee to Chumak when she turned away from him to serve other passengers across the aisle in row 42. As she “bent over slighty” to pour coffee, Chumak allegedly groped her.

A second flight attendant, Canin added, saw Chumak “grab the first flight attendant’s genital area” and immediately approached the passenger and placed him in restraints. The second attendant told the FBI that a male passenger had previously complained that Chumak--drinking from a bottle of Dewar’s--had “bothered and verbally abused” his wife.

When questioned by federal agents after the plane arrived in New York, Chumak said he “was drinking on the airplane, fell asleep, and woke up in restraints.” Chumak appeared Saturday in U.S. District Court for arraignment, and was ordered held on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer.

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My wife is a nurse who wears shorter skirts than most with white thigh highs and cute little heels and enjoys the occasional look or even grab. I don't really care. Whatever makes her day more interesting as long as nobody gets hurt is ok with me. Being a nurse is a tough job.
Unless a man has been sexually assaulted...and there are plenty who have...they just won't get it. They like the power of making a woman uncomfortable and fearful. It is usually a man who is powerless in his own life. It is assault and should be reported to authorities, you would report it if he hit you, assault is assault. Would you think it was funny and ok if it was your daughter, wife, sister or mother? How about if an ugly drunk stuck his hand down your pants? If it is ok to do it to women then it must be ok to do it to men.
" how little control men have over their own actions" ALL MEN,how contemptable....While such behavior is unacceptable and should be punished,your attitude towards men in general is one reason I detest most,not all female nurses,especially military nurses of which I have met few who were decent to filthy beastial males,factory rats and other unprintable discriptions of the male gender....FLAME ON. My wife and I share the same female doctor,she is nothing like most of the women I have dealt with in medicine or anywhere for that matter,she has great doctor skills and a wonderfull personality and complies with my request that no shaperone/assistant be present during my exams(females or males) due to my modesty concerns,which began because of thoughtless doctors and nurses and how they caused me to feel like no more than a piece of meat on display, lied to about adverse outcomes of my surgical proceedures,PVC's for one and allergic reaction to certain medications that were known and yet attempts were made to administer them when my chart and wrist bracelet made it clear not to. My rant is concluded as far as "Almitra" is concerned and it might be advisable for her not to attent to male patients,I would not care to have her as my nurse under any and I mean any circumstances. Cave Ursus
guess what... women get treated just as bad by thoughtless doctors
Almitra, you sound like a frustrated, naughty candy-striper who secretly enjoyed getting groped, fondled, and pinioned. Did you wear those cute little nurse's hats, or anything under your nurse whites? Now, where's my drugs!
do you have any women in your life that you care about? what if?
I would replace them with less damaged ones.
I think you like me- how cute btw I am one of those damaged ones so you know where I'm coming from... raped, locked in the trunk of my car, gun to my head and the trigger pulled... I 'm tougher than most and a survivor, is it still funny?
It was very funny, until now :( My apologies. I do want to point out there is a significant difference. This guy is an idiot, a. hole with reall issues that need to be addressed. Your event sounds much more then that.
thanks for that