Rapper Lupe Fiasco's Backstage Bacchanal Includes Fully-Stocked "Ice Crème Sundae Bar"

While any old rapper can demand Magnums and blunts, Lupe Fiasco requires that concert promoters provide him with an “Ice crème sundae bar” stocked with three flavors, sprinkles, hot fudge, warm brownies, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Now touring in support of his chart-topping album “Lasers,” Fiasco (real name: Wasalu Muhammad Jaco) also has a wide range of food requirements, ranging from “4 pans of Corn Bread from House of Blues” to “Hebrew National Hot Dogs,” according to his 2011 tour rider (excerpted here).

The 29-year-old performer needs his dressing room stocked with a variety of toiletries, including face wipes, Arm & Hammer deodorant, “Degree Sports Deodorant,” Tums, Tylenol, three Oral B toothbrushes, and “Colgate Total plus whitening Toothpaste.”

Fiasco also requires the provision of “Quetips,” which is an apparent reference to Q-tips cotton swabs, and “IB prophen,” which is an apparent reference to ibuprofen, the anti-inflammatory medication. He also wants “Cruel Lotion,” which is likely a reference to Curel, the moisturizing lotion.

Additionally, Fiasco’s rider calls for “Ear plugs.”