Meet The Georgia Couple Who Copped To Giving Acid To Their Late Dachshund "Oscar"

The couple who admitted feeding their dog LSD was hit last night with a variety of criminal charges stemming from Sunday night’s bizarre incident at their Georgia home.

Nicholas Modrich and Jaime Hughes, both 25, were booked last night into the Gwinnett County jail on pot possession, drug paraphernalia, and public indecency charges. Modrich, who was also charged with battery, was released earlier today after posting $5200 bond. Hughes was released after posting $3900 bond.

The duo, pictured in the above mug shots, has not been charged with animal cruelty for providing acid to “Oscar,” their long-haired dachshund, though cops are continuing to investigate that dosing. The pet subsequently left the couple’s home and was hit by a car, later dying from its injuries.

Witnesses called cops Sunday evening after spotting Modrich and Hughes running naked on a nearby roadway. Hughes later told police that she and Modrich “had done acid earlier.” The tripping couple also admitted that “they had given acid to their dog.”