Judge Rejects Wesley Snipes's Last-Ditch Plea To Postpone Prison Surrender

A federal judge today rejected Wesley Snipes’s “emergency” plea to forestall his prison surrender until after the holidays, noting that the actor has had more than two years to “place his affairs in order” and prepare family members for his incarceration.

In a motion filed Friday in U.S. District Court, Snipes noted that he has “four minor children ranging in age from 4 years old to 9 years old” and that he was scheduled to surrender “in the middle of the holiday season.”

This argument did not sway Judge William Terrell Hodges, who today issued an order denying Snipes’s motion. “The natural and inevitable consequence of any substantial sentence or imprisonment,” Hodges ruled, “is to separate Defendant from his family during holidays and at all other times of significance to a particular family unit—birthdays, weddings, and the like.”

Snipes, 48, is scheduled Thursday to surrender at a Pennsylvania prison to begin serving a three-year sentence for failing to file income tax returns. Snipes is pictured above in a Unites States Marshals Service mug shot.

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It is really sad that Rangel gets a standing ovation and Snipes a standing 10 count! Rangel should have been in prison years ago, but he was smart enough to be a politiician. Snipes needs to run for office.
This is such a typical double-standard treatment of politicians versus the rest of us, and granted, Wesley's doin' a whole lot better financially than most of us. Still as Americans we should be irate at our Federal Government for the way they were bamboozled by the Super Rich to get their paws on more and more of our money. In reading about the way the Sixteenth Amendment even came into being. I don't believe I am alone in asserting these kinds of changes to our Constitution need to be voted on by the people and not left to our small-minded, large-pocketed politicians. "What was in it for them" was a huge amount of money. Little or no thought was given to our citizenry at large. It stunk then and reeks even more now!
Wasn't Snipe's whole argument that he (we) did not have to pay taxes at all; - that the whole amendment on income tax was not legally adopted by Congress? If so he's not the first to try that defense and lose.
Run Wes, Run. In a few years you can return a hero, like Alexandr Solzhenitsyn.
"Snipes is pictured above in a United States Marshals" photo. Hey wait a minute. I saw U. S. Marshals and I don't remember Snipes having a beard. Or maybe that was Tommy Lee Jones?
---- Snipes and his tax advisor were correct. Just search tax law for "excluded income". ECFR dot GPOACCESS dot GOV Computer scientist finds government fraud in the tax code. WHAT IS TAXED dot COM ----
---- Snipes and his tax advisor were correct. Just search tax law for "excluded income". ECFR dot GPOACCESS dot GOV Computer scientist finds government fraud in the tax code. WHAT IS TAXED dot COM ----
I believe Wesley is definitely the victim of rampant racism since the judge refuses to allow him to have his way. Probably the next best step would be to get Jesse Jackson or Rev Al to organize a march or something. Actually a better plan would be to split the resources we have, send Rev Al to Wesley's side and Jesse should high tail it to D.C. to rebuke congress for rebuking Charlie "I don't deal with common Americans" Rangel. If none of that works possibly we can still salvage the situation IF Wesley and Charlie are farmers(or farmed at one time or fantasized about farming or if someone at one distant point in their history suggested they'd make a fine farmer). If they so much as tend to a philadendron in the comfort of their posh living rooms they're entitled to some Pigford coin to help defray some of the legal expense, right? Which reminds me I'm so excited to be able to forfeit a portion of my paycheck to the gov't to pay reparations! I'm giddy like when you turn circles too fast and get that drunk happy dizzy taxable feeling.
Maybe the New Black Panthers can stand in front of the courthouse with clubs.
I heard the irs accepted 5 million is cash from him so far. google it.