IRS Socks TV Personality Montel Williams, Wife With $1 Million Tax Lien

TV personality Montel Williams has been hit with a $1 million federal tax lien, according to Internal Revenue Service documents recorded this week in New York City.

Williams, who hosted his eponymous talk show for nearly twenty years, is being dunned in connection with his 2008 and 2009 individual tax returns. According to the lien (click here to view), the combined amount owed by Williams and his wife Tara for the two years totals $1,039,609.41.

The 54-year-old’s troubles this year have also included his January 5 detainment at the Milwaukee airport, where Transportation Security Administration agents discovered drug paraphernalia in his luggage. Williams was issued a $484 citation for possession of a pipe, and was allowed to continue on his way.

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Goody for his egotistical arse...
Poor guy, he was always really supportive of the wacky weed legalization efforts. Too bad he was the personal shill for frauds like Sylvia Browne.
Shame on you Sylvia Brown for not telling Montel about this before it happened, so much for psychics. Move over Wesley you have a cellie.
Good idea to hook up with Willie Nelson and do an I.R.S. album. Bad Idea as they would be smokin some badass weed.
with all the money he feeds those clowns, his psychic pals didn't see it comin.
Yep, no sympathy for him. greed.......
I thought he is so smart. Didn't he know the IRS is on top of the game?
He and Wesley can share a cell?