World's (Allegedly) Tallest Man Arrested By Iowa Police

An intoxicated motorist who was pulled over for driving erratically on an Iowa road provided police with a state ID card that “advised that the defendant was 8’ tall,” according to a criminal complaint.

Investigators say that Joel Solorzano Villeda, 33, was behind the wheel of a 2016 Ford Focus that was “all over the road” Sunday as the vehicle traveled in the city of Rock Rapids.

During a subsequent police stop, officers charge, Solorzano Villeda (seen at left) showed several signs of intoxication, had an open can of beer in his car, and possessed methamphetamine. A portable breath test returned an “over the per se limit” result.

When asked for identification, Solorzano Villeda gave police a Minnesota ID card, the complaint alleges.

A computer check of the name and number on the ID Solorzano Villeda provided turned up “no return.” Which probably came as little surprise to police who noticed that the phony ID “advised that the defendant was 8’ tall.”

Solorzano Villeda--who is actually 5’ 8”--was arrested on several charges, including narcotics possession, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and providing cops with a false ID. Additionally, a warrant check showed that he was wanted in another Iowa county for failure to appear in court on an earlier OWI rap.

Solorzano Villeda, who lives in Little Rock, Iowa, is currently locked up in the Lyon County jail in advance of a May 23 court hearing.