Cops: Woman Naked From Waist Down Claimed Snakes Ate Her Pants

A woman found naked from the waist down told Pennsylvania police that snakes had eaten her pants, according to a court filing.

Responding last Thursday afternoon to multiple 911 calls about a half-dressed woman walking in the middle of a road about 25 miles from Philadelphia, cops found Gloria Harpel, 35, “naked from the waist down and she was rambling.”

Harpel, who police suspected of narcotics use, initially said that she had put her pants in a storm drain before contending that “snakes had eaten them.”

Pictured at right, Harpel--who was reportedly “sweating profusely” and “making nonsensical outbursts”--was arrested for indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness. She was booked into the Montgomery County jail on the misdemeanor counts.

A probable cause affidavit does not provide a further description of the purported trouser snakes.