Alleged Illinois Sex Toy Assaulter Jailed For Court No-Show

The Illinois woman charged last month with assaulting a cop with a “rigid feminine pleasure device” was arrested yesterday for failing to appear in court on the misdemeanor rap.

After Carolee Bildsten did not show for a December 23 court date, a judge issued an arrest warrant for the 56-year-old defendant. Bildsten, pictured above in a mug shot, was collared yesterday afternoon and booked into the Lake County jail. Bildsten is scheduled for a court appearance--for which she is guaranteed to appear--this afternoon.

As reported here, Bildsten was busted November 9 after she allegedly walked out on a bill at a Gurnee restaurant. When a cop accompanied her home so she could supposedly retrieve money to pay the tab, Bildsten allegedly removed a sex toy from a dresser drawer. Holding the device over her head “in a threatening manner,” she advanced on the officer, who knocked the “clear, rigid feminine pleasure device” out of the way.

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Certainly not difficult determining why she needed her own automated "fulfillment" device.