Really, Where Else Can A Woman Be Expected To Hide 47 Heroin-Filled Balloons?

Meet Tiffany Giummo.

Ohio cops yesterday recovered a whopping 47 heroin-filled balloons that had been hidden inside the 20-year-old woman’s “body cavity.” Acting on a tip that Giummo was traveling to Columbus to purchase heroin, a Delaware County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled over a car in which she was a passenger.

During questioning, Giummo admitted that she “did in fact have heroin inside her body and would retrieve it for the Deputy,” according to investigators. The hidden stash resulted in Giummo, pictured in the above mug shot, being jailed on a felony drug possession charge.

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When the GOP candidate Ron Paul advocated legalizing heroin the other night at the debacle, er, debate he got a standing ovation. From Rupublicans! Now he is a doctor and I'm sure his intentions are to protect innocent cavities from the damage inflicted when used as a cargo hold, as well as ensuing damage from prison fun time. The war on drugs is as stupid as the war on terror. There will always be those who self destruct with addiction, whether to radical religious retardation or substances, legal or otherwise. Selectively take out the ones who cannot be helped with medical means (rehab, psych meds, therapy) when they threaten others, allow the remainder to self destruct. Cheaper.
He didn't get a standing O, he got a sitting O. The audience was applauding Paul's observation that even if heroin were legal it was not likely that many in the audience would start using it. His point was that when government takes away our rights in any way it can lead to it taking away our rights in additional ways which essentially destroy liberty. Mainly he is seeking that it not be a Federal law but left to the States. In any case it isn't necessarily the case that the audience was entirely Republicans, though I'm sure most were.
Where there is a will there is a way. Unfortunately sooner or later it all ends the same way. 8x10 cell or 6 feet down.
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