Woman, 19, Charged In Grady Sizemore Photo Hack Remains Free On Bail

The Minnesota college student charged with hacking an ex-Playboy Playmate’s e-mail account and swiping racy photos of baseball star Grady Sizemore appeared in court Monday and was allowed to remain free without bail.

Leah Ayers, charged last month in a two-count misdemeanor complaint, was also booked at the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office, where she posed for the above mug shots. Ayers, 19, is next due in District Court on April 11 for an omnibus hearing.

According to investigators, Ayers, a St. Cloud State University student, illegally accessed ex-Playmate Brittany Binger’s Yahoo e-mail account several times last August. During these illegal incursions, Ayers allegedly took photos of Sizemore, a 28-year-old Cleveland Indians outfielder who is dating the 23-year-old Binger.

Shortly after Binger’s account had been raided, a series of steamy photos of the athlete were posted to the Internet.

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Got to know who your friends are...
Not such good friends! I'm more thinking why would you let anyone take your photo like that. Stupid on a number of accounts! shouldn;t give this girl the e-mail password, shouldn't take the photos to begin with, shouldn't hack in anyone else's e-mail what a great circle of people - Todd Charke