Florida Kook, 71, Gets 30 Days In Jail For Water Pisstol Attack On Female Neighbor

The elderly Florida kook who used a water pistol filled with his own urine to squirt a female neighbor in the face has been convicted of battery, but will only serve a month in jail for the vile attack, records show.

Joel Benjamin, 71, entered a no contest plea to the misdemeanor charge during an appearance last Thursday in Circuit Court. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a one-year probation term that will commence upon his release from the Pinellas County lockup.

Seen at right, Benjamin was also fined about $1000 and ordered to have no contact with the 50-year-old victim, who was attacked in mid-April while walking her dog one evening outside the Gulfport housing complex where both she and Benjamin reside.

As detailed in a criminal complaint, Benjamin approached the woman and “pulled out a water gun that contained his own urine” and squirted her “several times.”

In an interview with TSG days after his arrest, Benjamin admitted that, “I lost my fucking temper and shot her in the face with my squirt gun filled with piss.” Describing the attack as an “egregious thing to do,” Benjamin claimed he targeted the woman because she had been spying on him as part of a purported government surveillance campaign.

During police questioning, Benjamin showed no remorse, saying that he would “do it again,” according to the complaint.