Oh, Baby Girl, Baby Girl, Baby Girl, Baby Girl, Baby Girl, Baby Girl, Baby Girl...

When attempting to steal from Walmart at 7:50 AM, it is best to dress in an inconspicuous manner so as not to draw the attention of store security.

Or you can wear a revealing, skintight “Baby Girl” catsuit like Taejah Clay.

The 20-year-old Louisiana woman was arrested late last month after she and a teenage accomplice allegedly switched the price tags on hats and shorts in a Walmart in Pensacola, Florida. The duo was detained after checking out with the illegally discounted merchandise (which was valued at about $50).

Store surveillance footage recorded the suspects “switching the price tags and checking out,” according to a Pensacola Police Department arrest report.

Pictured above, Clay is scheduled to be arraigned for misdemeanor larceny on July 15.