Cops: Drunken Indiana Man Driving Lawn Mower Had Whopping Blood Alcohol Content

In what appears to be a record for drunken lawn mower joyriding, an Indiana man’s blood alcohol content was nearly six times the legal limit, according to cops who received reports that the suspect was driving in traffic with his daughter on his lap.

Trevor Bates, 27, was cited Saturday after witnesses called 911 to report that an intoxicated man was driving a lawn mower erratically on an Evansville street.

Police report that Bates had a .445 blood alcohol content (the legal limit is .08). Bates was not arrested at the scene since he was not atop the lawnmower when officers arrived. Instead, Bates was given a summons for public intoxication.

Court records show that Bates’s rap sheet includes two drunk driving arrests, two public intoxication busts, and collars for battery and resisting arrest. He is pictured above in a mug shot taken following an arrest last year.

While Bates’s BAC was excessive, he barely approached the mind boggling .720 recorded by an Oregon woman, or the .708 notched by a South Dakota motorist.