Eminem Is Very Particular When It Comes To His Pickle Preference

Eminem’s latest studio album, “Recovery,” is about escaping excess. Similarly, the rap star’s 2010 concert rider is free from many of the lavish demands he made during prior tours--including any booze.

But one thing Eminem (real name: Marshall Mathers) refuses to skimp out on is the quality of his pickles.

According to the rider, which is excerpted here, promoters are advised that the 37-year-old Em and his entourage are only to enjoy the delicious preserved taste of Gundelsheim pickles. The company’s product range--from gherkins to horseradish—is “low in calories and fat free which is perfect for dieters,” according to the firm’s web site.

Other brands earning Mr. Mathers’s loyalty: Dannon Light & Fit yogurt (four containers, strawberry/banana), Snyder's pretzels, and Vitamin Water (“No Diet”). The performer also wants his dressing room stocked with large jumbo shrimps, “fresh meat,” and “25 lb dumbbells.”

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"As emimem licks the salty sweetness of a backstage 'pickle'; not too hard...not too soft...just right!" Then rolls over and goes to sleep...