Always Crop Out Your Meth In Photos Posted To Facebook

James Kertz needs to work on his photo composition.

The Missouri man, 38, sought this week to sell new catalytic converters via a post on Facebook Marketplace. As seen above, Kertz included a photo of the boxed auto parts up for sale.

What Kertz did not realize was the image (click to enlarge) also showed a large bag of methamphetamine and a syringe on a table in the photo’s background.

After a Facebook user tipped cops to the photo, investigators Wednesday searched Kertz’s residence in Reed Springs, a city outside Branson, and seized meth and a .38 caliber Taurus pistol (which he is barred from possessing due to prior felony convictions).

During police questioning, Kertz (pictured at right) said that he was unaware that the meth and syringe were in the Facebook photo.

Charged with drug trafficking and unlawful possession of a weapon, Kertz is locked up without bond in the Stone County jail. His rap sheet includes convictions for endangering the welfare of a child; narcotics distribution; property damage; narcotics possession; violating an order of protection; domestic assault; witness tampering; and resisting arrest.