Justin Bieber's Street Cred Soars After Mention During Testimony At Federal Cocaine Trafficking Trial

Justin Bieber got a shout-out, of sorts, this afternoon during testimony at the federal criminal trial of James Rosemond, the hip-hop manager accused of running a cross-country cocaine trafficking ring.

Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Victoria Delollo told jurors about the execution of a search warrant last May at a Manhattan apartment that investigators suspected was being used as a narcotics “stash house” by the 47-year-old Rosemond and his cohorts.

While agents surely anticipated discovering drugs and/or cash in the East 65th Street one-bedroom, they only found a scale disguised as a CD case, some shrink wrap plastic bags, and various documents bearing the names of Rosemond, his mother, and an associate, Delollo testified. Two hidden compartments were found in a bedroom closet, but they were empty.

The DEA agent told jurors that federal agents also seized a “Justin Bieber concert pass” with Rosemond’s photo on it from Apartment 18. There was no further testimony about the chart-topping singer, who has never been represented by Rosemond or linked to the alleged drug conspiracy (though that would do wonders for the 18-year-old’s street cred).

Sitting at the defense table, Rosemond showed no emotion when Delollo linked him to the singer of such bubblegum hits like “Baby” and “Boyfriend.” Delollo is scheduled to be cross-examined by Rosemond lawyer Gerald Shargel when court resumes Thursday morning.