Man Faces Criminal Charge For Attempted Pop-Tart Battery, Police Report

Luckily, “The Pop-Tart did not strike the victim,” police report.

During an argument Sunday evening, a Florida Man threw a Pop-Tart at his wife’s head, according to cops who say that while the toaster pastry missed its target, the victim was struck in the arm by her spouse’s follow-through motion.

According to investigators, Brandon Sutherland, 36, and his wife were quarreling in their St. Petersburg residence when, according to the victim, Sutherland “became upset and intentionally threw a Pop-Tart at her head.”

While the Pop-Tart did not strike the 29-year-old woman, she was hit on the arm by Sutherland’s left hand. A sheriff’s deputy reported observing a red mark on the woman’s arm.

During police questioning, Sutherland (seen above) reportedly confessed to throwing the Pop-Tart, and that he “grazed the victim’s right arm with his left hand.”

A deputy noted that he “observed the broken Pop-Tart on the floor of the residence.”

Sutherland was arrested for domestic battery, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. He was released from custody late Monday afternoon. A judge has ordered Sutherland to have no contact with the victim.

Described as a “disabled vet” in court filings, Sutherland was arrested last March for allegedly battering the same woman (who is identified as his girlfriend in a March 2018 arrest affidavit). Prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue the misdemeanor case against Sutherland.