Woman Gets Off After Arrest For Battering Estranged Husband Who Interrupted Pleasure Session

Prosecutors have declined to pursue a criminal case against the Florida woman who was arrested for allegedly battering her estranged husband when he interrupted her as she was “pleasuring herself.” 

Flavia Higgs, 42, was arrested in mid-September following a 12:30 AM confrontation with her spouse Garrett inside the Port St. Lucie residence the duo still shares (but where they maintain separate bedrooms).

According to an arrest affidavit, Garrett, 44, arrived home and "heard moaning from the house." Upon determining that the sound was coming from Flavia’s bedroom, Garrett banged on the locked door, but received no response.

Believing that there was another man in the house, Garrett used a screwdriver to open the door, an incursion that was appreciated by Flavia, who sought to "physically escort him out." During an ensuing struggle, Flavia “struck him in the face,” police charged.

When questioned by cops, Flavia said that Garrett “barged into the room” while she “was pleasuring herself,” the affidavit reports. Flavia was subsequently arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge.

In a recent filing, prosecutors notified the court that they would not be pursuing the criminal charge against Higgs. The “no information” notice--which does not detail why the case was abandoned--resulted in the court’s closure of the matter.

As of late last month, the estranged couple (seen above) appeared to be living under the same roof.