Police Pan Florida Woman's 5:30 AM Performance Of The Nutcracker

A Florida Woman arrested early yesterday for grabbing her husband’s genitals with “such force that the victim crumpled over and had trouble walking” told cops that she was just trying to “arouse” her spouse “in an effort to have sexual intercourse.”

According to cops, Anastacia Tasch, 44, approached her husband while he was asleep around 5:30 AM on the living room couch in the Tampa-area home they share with their two children.

Tasch, a complaint affidavit states, walked over to the victim and, “without provocation or permission,” grabbed his genitals.

When later questioned by police, Tasch acknowledged that she executed the clampdown without the consent of her husband, who apparently called 911 after his genitals were crushed.

Seen above, Tasch “advised she did this in a sexual manner because she was attempting to arouse the victim in an effort to have sexual intercourse.”

Tasch was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.