Unhappy Easter Results In Marvelous Mug Shot Of Florida Man

What’s not to love about a guy who decided to have “HOLLA!” tattooed on his forehead?

So, meet Charles Easter.

The 38-year-old Easter posed for the above mug shot early Tuesday morning following his 1:46 AM arrest for disorderly conduct. Police allege that Easter became unruly while visiting a friend who was being treated in the emergency room at a Fort Lauderdale hospital.

While being escorted from the hospital by a cop, Easter yelled at a nurse, “Fuck off you cunt,” according to a complaint affidavit. Then, “in a fit of rage,” he “maliciously threw coffee over the floor and wall.”

The complaint--which lists Easter’s address as “At Large, Fort Lauderdale, FL”--notes that he has the words “I Bet You Won’t” inked on his back and teardrops tattooed on his face.

Easter, a Brooklyn native with a lengthy rap sheet, has been known to wear a pink bikini while performing sidewalk dance routines in search of gratuities.