Charges Dropped Against Teacher Busted For Spraying Students With Aerosol Disinfectant

Prosecutors will not pursue criminal charges against a Florida teacher who was arrested for allegedly spraying four teenage students with an aerosol disinfectant because they “were not wearing their mask properly,” according to court filings.

In a pair of recent Circuit Court notices, prosecutors reported that four felony child abuse charges filed against Christina Reszetar, 51, were being dropped since “facts and circumstances revealed” do not warrant prosecution.

Reszetar was arrested in January following a bizarre incident at Largo High School, where she has worked for 18 years. Reszetar, who teaches math, allegedly used a can of Claire disinfectant to spray “directly onto the path, face, and body” of four students.

According to an arrest affidavit, Reszetar reportedly told police that, “the kids were not wearing their mask properly.” A school surveillance camera recorded Reszetar “intentionally” approaching the students to spray them.

The teens were not injured by the spray, which is used to disinfect surfaces.

During Reszetar’s initial appearance in court, a judge referred to the spraying as a “severely misguided attempt at discipline.” Reszetar, who pleaded not guilty to the child abuse counts, was freed without bond and ordered to have no contact with the four students and stay away from Largo High School. 

Reszetar’s name and email address are still listed in the school’s online staff directory.