The Creepiest Guy In Louisiana Is Again Arrested For Pervy Acts In Women's Bathroom At Department Store

A Louisiana man who was once convicted for surreptitiously collecting urine samples from female shoppers at a Dillard’s department store has been busted for using his cell phone to photograph women using the bathroom at a nearby Lowe’s store.

Kenneth Porche, 34, was arrested yesterday on video voyeurism charges. During police questioning, Porche reportedly “admitted to going into the women’s restroom and photographing a female while she was in the stall,” according to the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office.

Investigators believe that Porche took bathroom photos on more than one occasion inside the Lowe’s in Houma, the city where Porche resides.

Seen above, Porche was booked Monday into the parish jail on the felony charge. He was released from custody this morning after posting $25,000 bail.

As reported in these pages, Porche’s first public bathroom arrest came in January 2003 after he hid in the women’s bathroom at Dillard’s (which is about two miles from Lowe’s) and collected urine samples.

How, you might ask, did Porche surreptitiously collect those samples? According to cops, he disabled one toilet’s flushing mechanism and then lined the bottom of the bowl with cellophane wrap. When a woman finished using the tampered toilet, Porche emerged from the adjoining stall and collected the liquid trapped by the plastic film.

Upon his arrest, Porche was carrying four zip-lock bags containing urine. Two of the bags had descriptions written on them--"old woman" and “young, high heels, should drink.”

In a police interview conducted the day after his arrest, Porche said that he had “done a lot of soul searching” and “knew what he done was wrong.” However, Porche noted that he did not think he needed help. When asked if he had told his girlfriend about his urine fetish, Porche “stated that he did not because he believed that she would think it would be disgusting.”