McDonald's Drive-Thru Worker Fired For Dousing Homeless Detroit Man With Drink


A McDonald’s worker who doused a homeless man with liquid after luring him to the drive-thru window with the promise of a free sandwich has been fired by the owner of the Detroit franchise.

Video of the incident--shot by a passenger in an auto at the drive-thru window--went viral in the past few days. The NSFW video includes cursing and the use of racial slurs.

As seen in the above clip, the McDonald’s employee says to the homeless man, “Hey, Willie, come here. You want a sandwich?” While dangling a burger out the window, the worker adds, “I’m about to help you.”

But when “Willie” approaches the window, the worker pulls back the food and instead throws a cup of liquid on him. This causes great delight for the car's passengers, one of whom gleefully responds with the obligatory, "WorldStar! WorldStar!"

After getting drenched, “Willie” asks, “Oh, why you do that?”

In announcing the worker’s termination, franchise owner Wise Finley today issued a statement saying that he was “very disturbed by the inappropriate behavior of this employee." He added that workers are expected to “treat everyone with dignity and respect.”