Teen Breaks Up With Her Girlfriend, Then Immediately Posts Ex's Nudes On Instagram

After breaking up with her girlfriend this week, a Florida teenager posted several sexually explicit photos of her ex on Instagram, resulting in her arrest yesterday for cyberharassment.

According to investigators, after Mariah Tillery, 18, and the victim broke up on Monday, Tillery uploaded “sexually explicit and private nude pictures of the victim.” Tillery “posted the pictures which display the victim’s nude body, and sexual acts in progress on Instagram to humiliate the victim,” a complaint affidavit alleges.

The images, posted to Tillery’s Instagram account, “contain the victim’s personal, easily identifiable tattoos,” an investigator noted.

Tillery, seen in the above Facebook photo and the below mug shot, was arrested Wednesday evening at a Tampa-area residence. She refused to answer police questions and was booked into the county jail on a misdemeanor sexual cyberharassment charge. A judge subsequently released Tillery on her own recognizance and ordered the teenager to have no contact with her former girlfriend.

Tillery is a student at Steinbrenner High School, which was named after the late New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, who lived in Tampa.