Wisconsin Man Wielding Sword Menaces Cub Scouts Selling Popcorn Door-To-Door

A man wielding a large sword menaced a group of Cub Scouts who knocked on his door as they sought to sell popcorn in a fundraising drive, Wisconsin police report.

After the children knocked on the door of his Sparta residence, Owen Reese, 22, “opened the door holding a sword above his head and immediately began yelling” at them, according to cops.

While holding the sword over his head and “motioning like he was going to swing it at them,” Reese got within five feet of the Cub Scouts before they “escaped unharmed.”

When cops arrived at Reese’s residence, he again answered the door “holding a sword with both hands at shoulder height.” He dropped the weapon (seen here) when officers leveled their guns at him.

A subsequent search of Reese’s home turned up “a large number of knives and swords, as well as marijuana and several smoking devices.”

Seen above, Reese was arrested for reckless endangerment and cited for “drug related offenses.”

During questioning by Sparta Police Department cops, Reese explained that his sword wielding was commonplace: “Reese told officers he always answers the door with a sword to protect himself against religious people.”