New Jersey Man, 99, Charged With Violating State's Coronavirus Emergency Rules

A 99-year-old New Jersey man has been charged with violating the state’s coronavirus emergency regulations, according to police who this afternoon broke up an engagement party attended by the nonagenarian and his relatives.

Responding to a 4:30 PM call about an illegal social gathering, cops found party attendees on the front lawn of the Lakewood residence of Yaakov Kaufman, 47, and Eti Kaufman, 45. The Kaufmans, who were hosting the engagement party, also had guests inside their home.

The Kaufman residence is pictured above.

In addition to being charged with violating a recent executive order barring such gatherings, the Kaufmans were also each hit with a half-dozen child endangerment counts since the couple’s six minor children were at the party.

Among the eight other adults charged with violating the emergency declaration was Michael Zimmerman, a 99-year-old resident of Lakewood, a south Jersey township.