Police: Patron Pelted Market Manager With Frozen Pizzas Over Store's Mask Mandate

A supermarket manager was pelted with boxes of frozen pizza by a Pennsylvania man who refused to wear a mask inside the store when approached by the worker, police allege.

Cops today announced that Patrick Steiner, 35, has been charged with harassment and disorderly conduct in connection with an incident last month at a Giant Eagle store near his home in Altoona, a city about 80 miles east of Pittsburgh.

According to the Logan Township Police Department, Steiner was inside the Giant Eagle on a Thursday afternoon when he refused to wear a mask when approached by the store manager.

Steiner, investigators charge, then “threw boxes of frozen pizza at the manager and fled the store.” The victim provided cops with the license plate of Steiner’s car, which resulted in a traffic stop and the alleged pizza pelter’s arrest.

Police did not indicate whether Steiner intended to purchase the pizzas or just retrieved them from a freezer for use as makeshift munitions.