Motorist Eating Bowl Of Cereal Leads Ohio Police On 30-Mile High-Speed Chase

A motorist who was spotted eating cereal as she drove along an Ohio interstate led police on a 30-mile chase that ended with her arrest on multiple criminal charges.

According to investigators, Paula Johannessen was spotted driving erratically around 2:30 AM Tuesday on Interstate 70 outside Columbus. After pulling over Johannessen’s car, a Madison County Sheriff’s Office deputy noticed that the 42-year-old was "eating a bowl of cereal as she was driving."

After Sergeant Tim Winebrenner told Johannessen that she was stopped for weaving across the road, she “stated that she had been eating her cereal and didn’t mean to go over the lines” according to a criminal complaint.

During the traffic stop, Johannessen sped away from the cop, prompting a high-speed chase that moved into a neighboring county. At times driving over 100 mph, Johannessen ran over “stop sticks” that cops deployed to deflate her tires.

After her shredded left front tire came off the car, Johannessen continued to drive on the rim. But when the vehicle lost its transmission and became disabled, Johannessen bolted from the auto (though she was quickly apprehended by pursuing officers).

Seen above, Johannessen was charged with fleeing or eluding police, a felony, and obstructing justice, a misdemeanor. She is also facing raps for reckless driving and driving with a suspended license.

Investigators have not identified Johannessen’s preferred brand of cereal.

Johannessen pleaded guilty earlier this year to a felony heroin possession charge, for which she was sentenced to five years probation. A judge also suspended her driver’s license for six months and ordered, “No drugs, no alcohol, no bars.” A court filing notes that if Johannessen violates her probation, she will be sent to state prison for one year.