Watergate Sleuth Carl Bernstein’s E-Mail Account Is Hacked By "Guccifer"

Add Carl Bernstein to the growing list of “Guccifer” victims.

The Watergate sleuth’s e-mail account was breached by the hacker now being sought by federal investigators in connection with a spree of prior online incursions that have targeted a wide array of public figures.

The hacker illegally accessed Bernstein’s Verizon account and browsed through the journalist’s correspondence, which included bank and stock portfolio balances and e-mail exchanges with director Steven Soderbergh.

To memorialize the break-in, “Guccifer” made screen grabs from inside Bernstein’s account and sent them to TSG and several other news outlets. The screen grabs only show correspondence from 2009 and 2010, so it is unclear whether Bernstein, 69, still uses the Verizon account.

In a note apparently explaining (as it were) why the former Washington Post reporter was targeted, “Guccifer” wrote, “he is around these days. he is jew. But he fights the illuminati!” In prior correspondence to TSG, “Guccifer” has cited dark conspiracies involving the Illuminati, Rockefellers, bankers, and Bohemian Grove attendees.

Bernstein did not respond to phone messages seeking comment about the hack.