Unmasked Nitwit Faces Felony Charges For Walmart Coughing Rampage, Cops Say

A South Carolina man who was recorded walking around a Walmart “coughing on food items and general merchandise” has been arrested on a pair of felony charges.

Kyle Arendell, 39, was busted yesterday for aggravated breach of peace and malicious injury to property in connection with a disturbance Sunday evening at a Walmart near his Spartanburg home.

As seen in a video recorded by a fellow shopper, Arendell--who is not wearing a protective mask--deliberately coughs on a variety of items as he pushes a blue cart across the store. Hacking loudly, Arendell “did intentionally cause a scene” according to an arrest warrant.

While court records do not reveal why Arendell went on the coughing rampage, he allegedly claimed he “could or did have COVID-19.” Seen at right, Arendell is locked up in the county jail in lieu of $6000 bond.

A police spokesperson said it was his understanding that Arendell had “bought some items at a Walmart in another state and became upset when he was denied returning them at the incident location.”

In light of Arendell’s conduct, cops say, Walmart had to destroy merchandise because they could not sell the “infected, damaged items.” The warrant estimated the store’s losses at $2000 or less.  

Since early this month, shoppers at the Spartanburg Walmart have been required to wear a face mask due to a city ordinance. Beginning July 20, Walmart began requiring such face coverings at all its U.S. stores.