Why Do Model Train Hobbyists Enjoy Making Fun Of Fat People?

Here’s what we know about the shadowy model train underworld:

1) Neil Young once owned a piece of Lionel.

2) Bobby Bacala was clipped while purchasing a Blue Comet.

3) Hobbyists enjoy decorating their layouts with Fat People.

This collection of rotund figurines was purchased at a Brooklyn shop where mocking those struggling with girdle obesity is apparently condoned. Quick, someone contact NAAFA.

Comments (4)

I see nothing wrong with this, yes, its funny yet offensive to overweight people, BUT train modelers do try to copy real life situations. Therefore I see nothing wrong with this, its part of real life shown in a model of a train layout which is a form of art. If we all looked the same, as in an old Twilight episode, hell, it would be a boring life. Just like the Vanguard program on BBC I watched the other night, UK women think the female organ should all look like a shaved peach. So they opt for genital mutilation which I find really stupid. But to each their own!
I wonder if the train conductor figurines make the fat people figurines purchase two seats...
Good one! But then you need a lawyer figurine for when the fat figurine sues.
my conductor bf claims that it's because the skinny ones are harder to see...