Bathroom Was Locked, So Man Relieved Himself In Store's "Beer Cave," Cops Report

Faced with a locked bathroom at a convenience store, a Florida Man decided to instead relieve himself inside the business’s beer cave, ruining $113.36 in merchandise, police report.

According to an arrest report, Clarence Patterson, 61, entered the Hop & Pop store Saturday afternoon and proceeded to the restroom, which was locked. Patterson “then entered the ‘beer cave’ making the appearance he was looking at the merchandise inside.”

Patterson, who lives about two miles from the store in Rockledge, a city 50 miles east of Orlando, then “faced toward the alcohol cases on the shelves,” unzipped his pants, and began urinating.

“There were six cases of beer total that were damaged and could no longer be sold,” a cop reported, adding that the beer cave incident was recorded by a store surveillance camera.

Pictured above, Patterson was arrested Wednesday and charged with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor for which he posted $500 bond.