Naked Man, 60, Arrested For Indecent "Scenario" On Florida Beach, Cops Say

Meet Layton Paul Nauman.

The 60-year-old sound engineer went to the beach Saturday afternoon hoping to arrange a sexual encounter or “maybe just go home with someone’s phone number,” according to court records.

While such goals may be commonplace, Nauman’s unusual tactics resulted in his arrest at Blind Creek Beach, a clothing optional spot in Jensen Beach, Florida.

In response to prior complaints about lewd behavior occurring on beach pathways, a sheriff’s deputy was on foot patrol when he came upon a naked Nauman “seated in a recliner chair” with a hat over his face around 12:30 PM.

An arrest report offers an explicit account of the “genital presentation” observed by the cop. Click here to read the document, with its description of multiple rings, a metal chain, and a note advising passerby to “Please feel free to investigate! Gently.”

But you can read the document.

While the beach allows nudity, police reported that the pathways are accidentally frequented by “parents with children as well as other beachgoers” and that Nauman’s “scenario” was “unacceptable at a public beach.”

Seen above, Nauman was busted for indecent exposure, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. He was released later that day upon posting $500 bond.

The officer’s “complete interaction” with Nauman on March 9 was recorded on a body worn camera, the report notes.