Woman Arrested For Battering Man. With A Cinnamon Roll.

As readers of this site know, TSG is committed to chronicling alleged crimes involving unorthodox weaponry. Today's installment:

A Florida Woman was arrested Tuesday night after allegedly striking a man in the neck with a thrown cinnamon roll.

Cops say Ann Marie Luna, 37, chucked the food item at the back of the 49-year-old victim’s head, “striking him at the base of the neck.” The cinnamon roll incident occurred at a transitional housing facility in St. Petersburg, Florida.

An arrest affidavit does not reveal a motive for the alleged cinnamon roll attack, which was recorded by security cameras. After being read her rights, Luna, seen at right, reportedly admitted to tossing the delicacy.

The affidavit indicates that no weapon was seized by investigators. The victim was not injured by the cinnamon roll, “but wishes prosecution,” police noted.

Charged with misdemeanor battery, Luna was booked into the county jail, from which she was released last night after posting $500 bond.

While a judge has ordered Luna to stay away from the victim, she is still legally permitted to have contact with frosted pastries.