Police Arrest Bank Robbery Suspect, 28, Who Wore Lifelike Old Guy Mask During Armed Stickup

Police have arrested a suspect in the robbery of a North Carolina bank that was stuck up by a gunman wearing a lifelike silicone mask that made him appear to be an elderly white man.

Benoit Constant, 28, was arrested following a traffic stop Sunday in Texas.

Investigators allege that Constant wore the disguise during the December 29 robbery of the Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union in Cornelius, a town about 20 miles north of Charlotte.

Police probing the robbery traced the license plate of a minivan spotted outside the bank to a female relative of Constant. A subsequent search of the vehicle turned up the silicone mask worn by the bank robber as well as the striped bag he carried.

In addition to facing a pair of felony charges, Constant is also being held on a federal immigration detainer, according to jail records.