Father Caught On Tape Walloping Toddler Son Claims It Was All Just A "Misunderstanding"

The California man who was caught on tape walloping his young son inside a convenience store claims that the violent incident was a “misunderstanding,” adding that his critics can “all ride the dick of hate because the truth comes out in the end.”

Justin Whittington, 23, was arrested Friday on a felony child cruelty count for punching his son Jeremiah in the face inside the Vest Market in Bakersfield. Originally locked up on $1 million bail, Whittington was released from custody Saturday when his bail was cut to $20,000 after the criminal charge was reduced to child endangerment.

Seen above, the video shows Whittington knocking the boy off his feet with a blow to the head. A second clip shows him grabbing the child’s shirt at the neck and lifting him up in the air. [Note: The clip’s narrator uses some NSFW language.]

Fresh from the Kern County lockup, Whittington took to Facebook yesterday to play the martyr.

In response to a supportive message from a relative, Whittington wrote, “ive never looked to a god or Jesus for anything but if he is out there i could only pray he looks out and over the ones who are willing to give my family and myself a second chance.”

Whittington claimed, “This is all over a misunderstanding. There is more to that video than 12 seconds believe that.” After pointing out that the store’s owner was “acting like a pedo,” Whittington remarked that his toddler was “running in and out of the store being chased by my 8month pregnant wife.”

While not addressing why he smashed the child in the face, Whittington wrote, “Let them all ride the dick of hate because the truth comes out in the end. The only thing they can do is kill me. I was put here to suffer. My son and wife need to be left out of this.”

Whittington also complained that, “Thanks to all these people my son will forever be immortalized by social media.” In a follow-up message, he noted, “My son is strong and he is going to know i fucked up because people wont let the situation die down.”

Pictured above with his son, Whittington is scheduled today for a Superior Court hearing.