Assaulting Your Boyfriend With A Frozen Steak Is No Way To Settle A Beef

What kind of woman assaults her boyfriend with a frozen steak because she can’t find room in the freezer to chill her booze?

Meet Edna Verdin.

The 47-year-old Louisianan became upset Sunday night when her bottle of “Tequila Rose,” a strawberry cream liqueur, would not fit in the freezer at her Houma home. She expressed her displeasure by removing a frozen slab of beef and flinging it at her boyfriend’s head, according to cops.

The meat hit its mark, opening a bloody gash on the face of Jerry Voisin, her live-in 51-year-old beau.

As a result, Verdin was arrested for aggravated battery, according to a press release from Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois. Verdin, seen in the above mug shot, is currently free on bond.

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If you ask me? Edna was probably justifed. He probably hid his meat there before. He knew she stored her beverage in the freezer. So, if he got beat with his own meat...Good for Edna! She didn't want to cook it for him!
the road to a man's heart is through his belly....not his head.
Can you buy me a bottle of ROSE-A?????
I don't believe we have all the facts here. Based on their names alone it is clear the parties all are of cajun descent, that wonderful fusion of French creole, red neck and illiteracy. Not withstanding, Edna's actions appear both reasonable and justified. Why would anyone put a slab of meat in a freezer compartment that everyone in the parish knows is used by Edna for her favorite beverage? When asked to move his meat, Mr. Voisin probably made a provocative comment such as f__k you. So Jerry probably got what he deserved when he got whapped with his own meat.
Maybe some potential as a pitcher in the prison league.
Tequila Rose is quite good, BUT not at room Temp, and NOT freezer cold. Just Fridge cold. As for the perp...Put the steak in the fridge and put your drinky in the freezer in its place. Duuuuuuh.
She still never learn her yet her 1ex-husband took her back she almost killed him 4yrs ago.I hope she rotten in jail are hang her with her drugs & tequile rose.Her ex but be crazy to be back with that crazy lil girl
Can't say as I'd blame her. "Tequila Rose" sounds like something that's best enjoyed only when it's so cold you can't taste it.
I wonder where are those who are curious to know her immigration status?
Not me. I figured since she did not soccer style kick it at him, she could not be of hispanic decent. Why you always trying to make it a race issue?