Meet The PayPal 14, The Alleged Scary Face Of "Anonymous" Incarnate


Meet the PayPal 14.

The individuals pictured above (click to enlarge) were indicted in mid-July for allegedly participating last year in a coordinated denial of service attack against PayPal.

The operation, the Department of Justice alleges, was orchestrated by “Anonymous,” the so-called online hacktivist collective, in retaliation for PayPal’s decision to suspend Wikileaks’s account with the online billing service.

The 14 defendants--the combined frightening face of Anonymous incarnate--were each hit with two federal felony counts carrying a combined maximum of 15 years in prison (and a $500,000 fine).

The alleged “Anonymous” affiliates--12 men and two women--are seen in United States Marshals Service mug shots. During an arraignment last week in U.S. District Court in San Jose, California, each of the accused entered a not guilty plea.