PHOTOS: Before Her Prison Stretch, Amanda Knox Was Just A Carefree European Tourist

Months before the murder of her roommate in Italy--a crime for which she today was acquitted--Amanda Knox was a carefree tourist traveling in Europe with her younger sister.

Photos from that pre-imprisonment sojourn in mid-2007 show Knox mugging with her sibling on a plane, sleeping on a train, whizzing down an amusement park slide, and playing foosball in a bar. In other shots, she is pictured with her sister in a Perugia square, on a balcony, and, hardhat in place, preparing to tour a German cave.

Other images show Knox (who used the handle "foxyknoxy" on her now-defunct MySpace page) in headphones, posing on a Florence street at 6 AM, smiling with her sister, and in the midst of a German pub crawl. Knox is holding up three fingers, indicating the number of stops to that point.

Knox, 24, is expected to depart Italy tomorrow and return to her family’s home in Seattle, Washington.