Drunken Ohio Motorist Noshed On Chicken Wings As She Led Cops On Chase

A motorist was noshing on chicken wings as she led Ohio cops on a chase that ended with her arrest for drunk driving, according to a police report.

Judith Knight, 57, was allegedly under the influence on December 20 when her vehicle struck another car on a roadway in Brunswick Hills, a township about 25 miles west of Akron.

Knight did not stop following the accident, so the other motorist called 911 while tailing Knight’s car to a cul-de-sac, where the second driver sought to block Knight’s vehicle. Before police arrived, Knight revved her engine and “appeared [to be] going to ram the complainant’s vehicle,” according to the police report.

When cops arrived on the scene around 7 PM, Knight drove directly toward a police cruiser before veering across the front lawn of an adjacent residence. She then led police on a 25 mph chase that concluded when she “had no more road to travel” inside a new housing development.

As Knight staggered from her car, an officer "observed a brownish substance" around her mouth that appeared to be blood. But the cop subsequently “determined it to be barbecue sauce from chicken wings that Ms. Knight was eating in her vehicle.”

Police spotted a styrofoam container “that had contained the chicken wings Ms. Knight had been eating.” The chicken remains, the report notes, “were scattered throughout the front interior passenger compartment.”

Knight, whose blood alcohol content was measured at .164, twice the legal limit, told police that she had been at Molly McGhee’s Sports Pub, where she had watched Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers games on TV.

Knight was charged with drunk driving, failing to stop after an accident, and fleeing an officer. Her arrest came 12 days after another Ohio woman--who was eating a bowl of cereal--led police on a 30-mile high-speed chase.

The police account of Knight’s alleged antics was authored by Patrolman Charles Chalupa.