SHOCKER: Andy Kaufman’s "Daughter" Is Actually A New York Actress Whose Real Dad Is A Doctor

In news that should shock nobody, the woman who appeared onstage this week claiming Andy Kaufman was alive--and that she was his daughter--is a New York City actress whose actual father is a Manhattan doctor, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Posing as the late comedian’s daughter, Alexandra Tatarsky, 24, appeared Monday night at the Andy Kaufman Awards and told the audience that Kaufman dropped out of show business nearly three decades ago to be a “stay-at-home dad.”

With Kaufman’s brother Michael at her side, Tatarsky did not offer any details of how Kaufman purportedly staged his death.

According to a source familiar with this week’s Kaufman stunt, Tatarsky met Michael Kaufman earlier this year while working at a Manhattan gallery exhibiting a collection of Kaufman “ephemera and artifacts” from the comedian’s personal and professional life.

Tatarsky was recruited by Michael Kaufman to play the role of Andy Kaufman’s daughter. The comedian, who died of lung cancer in 1984, had one daughter (who was born in 1969).

Pictured above, Tatarsky did not respond to a voicemail message left on her cell phone. Her actual father, Andrew, is a 58-year-old psychologist specializing in substance abuse treatment.

While many news outlets greeted word of Kaufman’s resurrection with skepticism, the gossip rubes at TMZ breathlessy reported that, “The woman's account dovetails eerily with a story Michael told during the ceremony about a letter he found while going through Andy's stuff -- a letter Andy wrote explaining a plan to fake his death.”